Monday, 27 March 2017

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Running Injuries for its stability through training!

Running injuries are not just for beginners. Almost everyone thinks that you need for running only good running shoes. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to train injury free for your target!
An important aspect when running is stability.

What is stability: stability means that the co-operation of all the muscles is optimized. When injuries can occur anywhere in the muscle chain insufficient cooperation as a muscle; knee injuries, Achilles tendon complaints, spawn complaints shin splints etc.

To have these symptoms, we recommend as physiotherapists to also train your stability alongside your running training.

While running the landing phase is the main phase of running. You land with a nice speed on your feet, here you have to keep your stability to your ankle, knee and hip remain in a line. To make this possible, you need sufficient core stability, stability knee, and ankle stability.

Below are some examples of stability exercises:
(recommended: 3 x 15 reps)

Stability training your body:
-straight shelf
Opinion: 3 x 1-minute hold.

-Schine Shelf:
Opinion: 3 x 30 seconds

Stability training your knee:
-Lung email:
lunging weight on your front leg. Make sure you keep your front knee straight.
Opinion: 3x 15 reps per leg

-Lunge On BOSU ball:
To make it more difficult you can position your front leg on a BOSU ball.
Opinion: 3 × 15 repetitions per leg.

Stability training your ankle:
-On toes by step, slowly
Opinion: 3 × 15 reps

In addition to stability, the following elements of interest to run injury free:
1. Check with your physiotherapist your foot position. Maybe you need insoles right to the land because you just drop in. You can then make an appointment with a podiatrist for making sports insoles made for your running shoes.
2. Make sure you remain relaxed muscle. We recommend that you foam roll to about 3 times a week can uncoil your leg muscles. This can be compared to a sports massage for your legs.

3. Many muscle tension in the calf/shin is advised to be measured on compression stockings at a running store. Compression stockings to improve circulation in your legs and reduce the risk of calf injuries, shin problems.
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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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Friday, 3 March 2017

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